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We have Nucleus Colonies (Nucs).

Burton’s Nucleus Hives

Burton’s Bee Farm produces high quality Nucleus Colonies for local commercial beekeepers and hobbyist beekeepers. These are used to augment genetics, replace annual losses or increase existing colonies. 

Our Nucs come in a ProNuc plastic container and include 5 frames with at least 3 frames of bees and one mated Queen Bee.

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Nucleus Colony $175.00 each

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Nucleus Colonies must be scheduled to be picked up and paid for in person at Burton’s Bee Farm.

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What Our Customers are Saying

I personally witnessed Chuck Burton blossom into one of the best beekeepers in the area and perhaps the state of Tennessee.  He knows what he's doing!
Carey Morris -  Reelfoot Beekeeper's Association Founder

I bought several Nucs from Burtons Bee Farm. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful. The Nucs were extremely full of GENTLE bees, the queens were prolific layers, and the price was cheaper than anyone else around. Burtons Bee Farm is my go to supplier for Queens and Nucs.
Charles Riney

Burton’s Bees is located in Dyer County, Tennessee, approximately 20 miles east of Missouri, approximately 80 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee.  The rich soil and bottom land of the Mississippi river flood plain supports heavy nectar flows from soybeans, cotton, and wildflowers.